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11 hours ago

Jeff Irwin
Tribar / Huron River Update:1) Over the weekend, EGLE collected 75 samples from 55 locations, ranging from Wixom downstream to Barton Pond. No hexavalent chromium was detected in any of the collected samples. To date, EGLE has collected almost 150 samples within the river system, with only 3 low level detections (two in Hubbell Pond and one in Kent Lake) – all below any state water quality standards. 2) For additional explanation on the detections: The state’s chronic aquatic life value is 11 parts per billion (ppb) of hexavalent chromium – designed to protect organisms from long-term exposure harm. Its Acute Aquatic Life Value is 16 ppb, designed to protect from short-term exposures. The samples at Hubbell Pond registered 11 ppb at the surface, and 9 ppb near the bottom. The Kent Lake sample, at between 6 and 12 inches deep, registered 5 ppb. The limit at which testing is not able to detect the chemical is 5 ppb.3) EGLE’s sampling focus is now on the wastewater treatment plant. Testing continues to be conducted, and results continue to come in, to determine whether the chromium discharged from the facility may have been sequestered in the solids or stored wastewater at the wastewater treatment plant or in the granular activated carbon filtration system at the facility.4) MDHHS’s no contact advisory remains in place and unchanged at this time. See MoreSee Less
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22 hours ago

Jeff Irwin
Water Treatment Updates: August 8, 2022 See MoreSee Less
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1 day ago

Jeff Irwin
One piece of funding from our state budget that I am excited about is the $475 million set aside for the creation of a school infrastructure and consolidation fund. I’m excited about this because I’m hopeful some of this funding will help Ypsilanti Community Schools pay off the debt it acquired when it grew from the merger of Ypsilanti and Willow Run. By paying down this debt, Ypsilanti Schools will have more money to build or refurbish classrooms, labs and libraries, and improve student outcomes. See MoreSee Less
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3 days ago

Jeff Irwin
The no-contact recommendation for the Huron River remains in place. I’ll continue posting updates when new information is released. See MoreSee Less
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When we were initially chasing this story, a source told me voting tabulators were taken from Barry & Roscommon counties to a hotel in Oakland County.

I was slack-jawed.

Turns out, there will multiple hotel rooms and a few AirBnBs involved in this “testing” of voting machines. https://twitter.com/chadlivengood/status/1556591394927644674

.@dananessel is making a smart and ethical move by seeking a special prosecutor to look into whether charges should be filed regarding evidence of election tampering.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are nominating the accused for the top law enforcement job despite the evidence.

Eli Lilly and Co.—among Indiana’s largest employers—on the state’s new near-total abortion ban: “Given this new law, we will be forced to plan for more employment growth outside our home state.”

Tribar Spill / Huron River Update:

1) Results from yesterday’s surface water sampling returned two low-level detections of the presence hexavalent chromium. These two detections were in Hubbell Pond in Milford, both near the surface and near the bottom,


Update: Hubbell Pond area in Milford focus of today’s testing: https://bit.ly/3pgU4F7 https://twitter.com/MichiganEGLE/status/1555283375644098562

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