I am a passionate public servant. I love helping people and using public policy to make people's lives better. After serving our community for many years as an environmental advocate, a county commissioner, and a state representative, I’m excited to continue making a difference as your next state senator. For too long, Michigan has been neglecting its essential programs and services; we need a new direction and leaders who will make government work again. I know that decisions in Lansing can make a difference in millions of lives, and I know that experienced and principled public servants are best positioned to make those decisions, because I’ve done it. As your next state senator, I will put my experience to work fighting for a better education system, an economy that works for everyone, and equal rights for all citizens.

I am from Sault Ste Marie, MI, but I have lived in Ann Arbor since 1995. Currently, I live in east Ann Arbor, near the intersection of Packard and Platt with my wife, Kathryn, and our two children, Sylvia and Mackinac, who attend Pittsfield Elementary. I came to the area to attend the University of Michigan, where I earned a bachelor's degree in political science. While I was still a student, I took an organizing job with the League of Conservation Voters and later won a seat on the Washtenaw County Board of Commissioners. For a deeper dive of my early family life in Sault Ste Marie along with some serious policy talk, check out this interview by Mark Maynard.

I am so proud of my many years of experience in public service and my record of advocating for progressive causes. My legislative history at the local and state level proves that I will be the best advocate in Lansing for our community.

I hope you'll consider taking a deeper look at my history of progressive work and legislation here.

I hope the information on this website will answer any questions you have, but if not, please contact me at:


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